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Common Sense
During his visit in Mucem, Sanghyeok Lee was attracted to the purely functional design of cheese making equipment from the 19th-century Europe. Lee reinterpreted these traditional tools, which now are unfamiliar, and created three kinds of objects that invite contemporary people to imagine their usage. The metal sculpture formalises the movement of human arms when draining water from curdled milk. The wave-shaped piece leaning against the wall is a creative take on moulds that shape the cheese; the shelf-like sculpture supporting round glass pieces addresses the draining and ripening processes of cheese.

Installation, 2017
Cherry, Maple, Glass, Silver, Stainless steel
64 x 51 x 240 cm, 15 x 7 x 306 cm, 2 x ø70 ø90 ø110 cm

Curated \ Sungwon Kim
Photographs \ Hong Cheolki
Commissioned \ Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea
Common Sense Common Sense Common Sense Common Sense Common Sense Common Sense Common Sense
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