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Domestic Architecture
The project is about creating an atmosphere in living spaces from the architecture processor elements. Architecture process is a major research for the people and places. Elements to be considered are not only geological information, but also behavior, practice and customs of the people. It is also very important to know the materials and methods in historical perspective. These researches and consideration make the living spaces, buildings and cities.

Domestic Architecture is to reflect the process to our living spaces, called domestic architecture. It focuses on human behaviors and attitudes on objects for a dialogue between intangible body and rational practice. Researches on connecting of materials, finding the harmony of forms, creating relationships of its function and surroundings, and appreciating the atmosphere of spaces are the value of the project.

It resembles one of the fundamental elements in building. Lee interpreted into an object that functions and also a sculpture which brings freedom of perspective and behavior in your own space. It’s not only an object that you can use, but also an object to absord its surroundings.

Pergamon White Marble, polished
30(W) × 30(D) × 45(H) cm

Photographs \ Dahahm Choi
Domestic Architecture Domestic Architecture Domestic Architecture
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